Luckiest Unlucky Bastard Around...

A little story about Jeremie Saunders, professional actor raised and based in good ol' Nova Scotia, Canada.

At the young age of 18 months old, Jeremie was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Now, you may be thinking, "holy shit, that sucks..." Well, yeah, it kind of did. But as the little bugger started getting older, and came to the realization that he wasn't quite set to be around on this planet as long as the average Joe (statistically speaking, of course. I mean, any moment could be your last. Everything could be just hunky dory, until BAM! – all of a sudden you're crushed by a 200-pound frozen hunk of poo & pee dropped from a Boeing 757 over 35,000 feet above you. You just never know), he decided there wasn't any time to waste moping around about it. And he got down to business.

In 2004 Jeremie was introduced to the world of competitive improv. It was that year when he realized he had a very deep-rooted passion for the world of performance. Two years later he began attending Acadia University to study theatre. After a year of absolute debauchery (first year university, folks...), he decided to go for something a little more challenging and auditioned for Ryerson Theatre School's acting program. It was there where he received most of his training, and eventually met his beautiful and exceedingly more talented wife.

In his third year at RTS, Jeremie auditioned for CBC's Artzooka!, a remake of the very successful BBC classic Art Attack! He would land that role and go on to win a Gemini Award in 2011 and a Canadian Screen Award in 2013 for Best Host in a Pre-School, Children's or Youth Program or Series. Since then, Jeremie has worked on a number of projects for film and stage alike.

Jeremie views his CF diagnosis as a true gift. His attitude towards this illness is simple: With only 40-some odd years to live (again, statistically speaking), there is no time to waste. He is committed to life-long learning and believes that there is only one life to live – so live that fucker to the fullest.

Jeremie Saunders is a professional actor and yoga instructor based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He's got a smokin' wife and a rad dog.