Some of you already know about this project, most of you probably don't. A couple of years ago I was very fortunate in that the NFB contacted me about hosting their latest educational documentary project titled SPACE SCHOOL. We spent the summer following Chris Hadfield during his preparation for his mission to command the Internation Space Station. We travelled to Northern New Brunswick, Houston, Russia, and even Kazakhstan! Shit got crazy. Then Mr. Hadfield went to space and became a rockstar. Literally. Anyway... the project is still on going. Every couple of months we add to the doc shooting other "modules" that will hopefully one day inspire an entirely new generation of young minds.  Some super fascinating stuff. It makes me sad that most of you will never get to see this project, unless of course you're a teacher in middle school. However, there is a super rad website that has some of the cool stuff we shot up to view. Check it out here! And while you're at it check out some production stills below. 

ISLANDS: update

a creepy photo I took while hiding in some bushes.

ISLANDS is nearing its final stages of post and the time has come for the world to finally see this little ditty. If you happen to live on PEI you can check it out this coming Sunday as it will be screening as part of the IMAF - The Island Media Arts Festival. 

In the mean time, ISLANDS could use your support! An Indiegogo campaign has started to raise the final bit of funds to bring this short to the next level. Your donation could also score you a digital copy of the final cut! 

Click HERE to check out the campaign, and watch the trailer while your at it!


KUPERMAN (unfortunate update...)

In the world of Film and Television, you never have the job until you have literally have wrapped and the send the footage over to the editing floor... and even then sometime you don't make the cut. That is just the way this industry works. So it came as no surprise when I found out that Harmony and Jason regretfully had to drop me from the project and find someone else to fill my shoes. It all came to an end when Actra put a kibosh on the whole deal when they found out that some casting decisions didn't live up to there set collective bargaining agreement. Which is pretty unfortunate, as the role of Actra is to be there for the actors best interest. However this is one of those instances where they really aren't helping anybody.  

Anyway, Kuperman will be going ahead as planned, just with a couple of new cast members added to the crew. I believe this film is going to be chalk full of laughs regardless, and I look forward so seeing the final product! Best of luck Harmony and Jason! Can't wait to see it. 


MONSTER ISLAND at the Atlantic Film Festival

A couple of years ago I worked on a labour of love titled MONSTER ISLAND. Finally Writer/Director/Producer Sean Grady has completed the project and I am super stoked to announce that Monster Island is set to screen at this years Atlantic Film Festival! This was super fun to work on. Not only because Sean a good friend of mine, but I was also able to act out a killer break up scene with Bryde. It was super believable. But don't worry, we still love each other. 

The short will be screening on Sunday, September 14th and Wednesday, September 17th. You can buy tickets here!

Click through some sweet production stills below:



This summer I had the pleasure of working with Director Millefiore Clarkes and Producer Jason Arsenault on the short film titled ISLANDS. The duo were winners of the CBC 321 Award.

ISLANDS (2014) is a short dramatic film about a woman who lives in isolation, believing that she has a curse that will separate her from others for the rest of her life. When she has a chance meeting with a solitary man, they spark a small hope for a less lonely future. But will it last?

This was Millifiores first time directing a dramatic piece (she is a very prolific documentarian filmmaker. If you get the chance check out ISLAND GREEN a documentary she made with the NFB) and I have a feeling it will most certainly not be her last. She was absolutely fantastic to work with.

The short was written by Jill McRae who also played opposite of me in the role of Mary Jane. This was the second time I had a chance to share the screen with Jill and she is absolutely fantastic.

The film was shot on PEI at the end of August so stay tuned for release dates. 


Here is some stuff I did back in the day...

Some Killer VHS 2 Fan Art

VHS 2 

What: Some dope ass horror

Why: Cause it will completely fuck up your day

Where: Netflix


Yup. Laugh it up. 

Yup. Laugh it up. 


What: Zany kids show where I'm jacked up on Art!

Why: Kids love it. Apparently moms do too. 

Where: CBC 


pew pew pew

pew pew pew

Storming Juno

What: WWII Docudrama about Canadian Troops storming Juno beach

Why: I'm riding around in a tank. For real. 

Where: Every Remembrance Day on the History Channel