During Jeremie's studies at Ryerson Theatre School he met and fell in love with his wife Bryde. Bryde introduced him to Moksha/Modo Yoga. He found that Moksha/Modo acted as two things, a great form of physical training for an actor and an incredible form of therapy for someone living with Cystic Fibrosis. 

After studying at Ryerson, Jeremie was driven to drastically change in the way he was living with Cystic Fibrosis. He took off on a monstrous whitewater kayaking adventure, paddling over 21 different rivers between Canada and Southern Mexico every day over a span of 3 months. When he returned home he wanted the adventure to continue so he packed his bags and flew to Brazil where he took the 2011 Moksha/Modo Yoga teacher training. Since then Jeremie has also attended the 2012 Moksha/Modo Yoga Flow training in Halifax and the Moksha/Modo Yoga Level 2 training in Costa Rica. 

Check out the links below for Jeremie's class schedule and upcoming retreats and workshops! 

Retreats & Workshops

Nothing on the go right now. Keep your eyes peeled though!